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Loudi Agricultural Machinery and ASEAN reached a sales cooperation intention of more than 500 million yuan

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Loudi News Network (correspondent Fu Kai-jun) In order to implement the national "Belt and Road" and Hunan "innovation leads the rise of the rise" strategy to expand space for the development of Loudi
- Actively integrate into the "Belt and Road Initiatives"
(Liang Lijian Recommends Loudi Agricultural Machinery at Hunan-Vietnam Matchmaking Meeting of Agricultural Machinery Products)
(Hunan, Vietnam agricultural machine docking, warm atmosphere)
Loudi News Network (correspondent Fu Kai-jun) In order to implement the national "Belt and Road" and Hunan "innovation leads the rise of the rise" strategy to expand space for the development of Loudi agricultural machinery, May 17 to May 26, Vice Mayor of Loudi People's Government Liang Lijian led a delegation to Hunan Economic and Trade Delegation organized by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce into the economic and trade exchange activities of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos to understand the business environment and trade opportunities of the three countries. Taking the ASEAN market as a starting point, Enterprises "going out" to build an offshore platform to promote Loudi agricultural machinery products to the international market, Loudi agricultural machinery to achieve leaps and bounds.
The unprecedented event, time tight, big impact. Loudi City as the main lineup, Liang Lijian led the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Agricultural Bureau, Shuangfeng County Government, Nongyou Machinery Group, Loudi, eight agricultural machinery enterprises a total of 15 people attended and achieved fruitful results. During the economic and trade activities, Loudi agricultural machinery sales ASEAN three countries, farmers, Jinsong, Nongbo music, Ng Fung and other Loudi agricultural machinery manufacturers and ASEAN countries reached a cooperation in product sales intentions 500 million yuan.
Into the ASEAN activities Loudi agricultural machinery enterprises "go out" set up a docking bridge, but also to provide enterprises with more business opportunities and investment ideas: the construction of full-service farm machinery 6S shop, to the training, maintenance and other aspects of extending services; set up warehousing in Vietnam Type factories, assembly-type workshops, development of agricultural machinery products suitable for the voltage environment and policy environment of ASEAN countries, establishment of an overseas marketing system and development of cross-border e-commerce. Chinese World Journal and many other media coverage of this event.
(Liang Lijian and delegation visit Thailand's Ministry of Industry) 
First stop: Thailand
In recent years, the agricultural level in Thailand has been developing at a fast pace. The upgrading of agricultural machinery has come. The bilateral agricultural machinery trade and economic cooperation have great potential.
The first stop in the ASEAN election in the Thai capital Bangkok.
From May 17 to May 20, Liang Lijian and his entourage paid a visit to the Ministry of Commerce of the Thai Government and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, and conducted in-depth exchanges with Somchai, the director of Thai Ministry of Industry and Inspector General Prasong. May 18, "Thailand - Hunan Agricultural Machinery Promotion Conference" held in Shangri-La, Bangkok. Thailand Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, the Food Bureau and more than 80 Chinese and Thai agricultural machinery companies and manufacturers participated in the promotion. Liang Lijian Louji agricultural machinery and the price advantage made a key recommendation, and said Loudi agricultural machinery and equipment business in Thailand will improve the product sales and service platform, I believe that the promotion of the two governments, Loudi Agricultural Machinery and Thailand will have more in-depth exchanges and Cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win between both parties. On May 19, the delegation visited Hunan's first overseas industrial park - the Hunan Industrial Park in Thailand and visited the Haier Thai factory and agricultural products processing enterprises.
Second stop: Laos
Laos is a traditional agricultural country with a low level of mechanization of agriculture. It urgently needs the development of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry. It also urgently needs to introduce advanced technology and equipment. Agricultural cooperation has become an important area of cooperation between China and Laos.
From May 20 to May 23, the delegation paid a visit to Laos Hunan Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Laos, Chinese Embassy in Laos and China-Laos Friendship Association. They visited the cooperation between Hyogo Eco-Agricultural Co., Ltd. and Laos Agricultural Machinery Market, understand the local government policy support for agricultural machinery industry and the development of local enterprises in our province. On May 21, the delegation held informal discussions with the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Laos. Liang Lijian and heads of chambers of commerce to share Loudi agricultural machinery development, Loudi and Laos on agricultural and agricultural exchanges and cooperation to make relevant recommendations. On May 22, the Hunan-Laos Agricultural Machinery Matchmaking Meeting was held at landmark hotel in Mekong, Vientiane. At the meeting, Liang Lijian introduced Shuangfeng farm machinery. He said that Shuangfeng farm machinery has a certain market in Laos. The sales prospects of rice machine are very good. He hoped both sides will strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win development. Lao Hunan Chamber of Commerce Deng Youliang signed an agreement with Jinsong Machinery during the matchmaking meeting to finalize the order of 2,500 small rice machines worth 2 million RMB and to confirm the date of delivery and payment.
Third stop: Vietnam
Vietnam is a relatively developed country in agriculture in the ASEAN countries. There is a great demand for agricultural machinery. Hunan agricultural machinery has a strong adaptability to the natural and economic conditions of Vietnam. Both sides have a very promising prospect of cooperation and development.
From May 24 to May 26, the delegation paid a visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, the Hunan Enterprise Confederation in Vietnam, the Business Office of the Embassy in Vietnam, and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture. On the morning of May 24, "Hunan-Vietnam Matchmaking Meeting of Agricultural Machinery Products" was held in Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The matchmaking meeting was the main venue organized by the Loudi Municipal Government and Fu Kaijun, director of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of our city, presided over the meeting. Liang Lijian introduced the development process of Loudi agricultural machinery and Loudi Municipal People's Government introduced the current policy on agricultural investment, he said Loudi agricultural machinery to the ASEAN market has three advantages: First, ASEAN agricultural machine suitable for small and medium-sized farm machinery, and Loudi agricultural machinery to produce Manufacture of light agricultural machinery used mainly in hilly areas, the most suitable products for the Southeast Asian market; second, Loudi agricultural machinery product quality, price concessions, is the first choice for farmers in Southeast Asia; Third, the government fully to provide enterprises with more docking the international market platform, enterprises Constantly improve and enhance after-sales service. Ms. Lou Yimin, marketing director of Nongyou Machinery Group in Loudi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the company's products, development planning and cooperation vision. The atmosphere of the matchmaking meeting was warm and the exchange and interaction were good. Many enterprises from both places reached a cooperation intention on the spot. On the afternoon of May 24, the delegation paid a visit to the Hunan Enterprise Confederation in Vietnam. Xiao Guoping, president of Loudi, introduced entrepreneurship and investment in Vietnam and shared their overseas investment experience.