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SFJ-800 Potato residue separator

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Product description
Product Type: SFJ-800
Dimensions: 870 × 4200 × 1115
Weight: 39kg
Spindle speed: 2200r / min
Hourly efficiency: 800kg / h
Supporting power: 3Kw, single-phase motor
Voltage: 220V
Package turn: carton packaging
Packing size: 910 * 345 * 480
Potato (sweet potato, potato, lotus root, Pueraria, yam) refining, and then further refining separation, extraction of starch
Core Technology:
1. A potato residue separator comprising a frame, a feed hopper, a guide plate, an arc limiting plate, a crushing chamber, a propulsion chamber, a water inlet mechanism and a pulley.
2, the potato crushed by the feed hopper and then through the guide plate to the mixing chamber, through the propeller rotation, push the material into the separation chamber, separated by washing, so that the pulp separation, water institutions can fully stir residue decomposition, you can Effectively increase starch production, while convenient cleaning after mixing.
1, crushing room, mixing room, water bodies split between the assembly, so that it takes up less space in transit, and easy assembly, maintenance is simple, low cost, the use of good effect.
2, reasonable structure, can realize potato processing and slagging process integration, improve processing efficiency, is conducive to a large number of promotion and application.
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