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5TY-31-86 corn shellers

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Product description
Product Type: 5TY-31-86
Dimensions: 720mm × 290mm × 570mm
Weight: 15.5 Kg
Speed: 1800r / min
Base material: L40
Working efficiency: 1.0T / h
Supporting power: 0.75Kw
Exhaustion rate:> 95%
Broken rate: <1.5%
Voltage: 220V
Packing: Carton packaging
Packing size: 545 × 320 × 255
Core Technology:
1, the structure of the improved design, high efficiency automatic corn thresher, including the rack, power, threshing roller, threshing cover, degreasing ribs and threshing drum and the threshing roll for the small adjustment of the gap between the automatic adjustment device.
2, automatic adjustment device consists of two flexible guide rod.
3. The gap between the threshing mask and the threshing roller can be adjusted by the automatic adjusting device in the threshing process, and can be further manually adjusted so that the cornsticks with large difference in size can be fully threshed and the cornstalk is intact
4, threshing and auxiliary discharge integration device is conducive to the fiber material and grain materials to the export of the campaign,
5, small size, high efficiency, reasonable structure, ingenious, low production costs, saving labor.
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