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6N-Hamid-F26 Combined Rice Mill Machine

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Product description




                      Rice Mill Screen                   Rice Mill Roller


    6NF-4 Combined Rice Mill Machine with gasoline engine can remove paddy husk and whitening rice at one time, effectively maintaining the germ part of the rice, and can complete the separation of whitening rice, broken rice, rice bran at the same time. Easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity. With alloy-steel roller that the rice has low breakage and the performance is more superior; The crushing part can be used to crush various of grains, corn, sorghum, beans, potatoes, stalks to fine powder by change the belt. Quite suitable for farmers and small scale business.


Overall dimension


Package size


Rated power

Electric Motor:3hp(2.2kw)  Gasoline Engine:5-7hp  Diesel Engine:5-7hp

Rated Voltage


Standard motor speed


Weight(with Engine)

76 kg


Milling parts>180kg/h

Crushing parts>250kg/h

Spindle speed

Rice mill:1200r/min

Crushing machine:5600r/min


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